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About eRegistries
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eRegistry Model

The eRegistries Initiative is dedicated to increasing the availability and timely use of routine maternal and child health data in order to improve the quality of care and health outcomes around the world.

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Learning Packages

The eRegistries Initiative is dedicated to sharing the eRegistry model and tools in the public sphere. As part of this commitment, the eRegistry learning packages provide direction and guidance on how to establish, manage, and maintain an eRegistry.

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A list of publications, reports, presentations, and posters by the eRegistries team is provided below. Additional resources and links about mHealth and global maternal and child health are available below this list.

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The eRegistries Initiative utilizes research findings to inform the development and deployment of eRegistries.

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What are eRegistries?

Better use of health information results in better decisions and, ultimately, in better health.

An eRegistry is an organized system for collecting, managing, analyzing, and most importantly, using reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health data to improve women and children’s health. eRegistries are strategically designed to facilitate data use – through accurate and easily available clinical decision support for health care providers, personalized messages to pregnant woman and automated analysis and reporting to public health officials. These built-in features ensure timely use of data by all those who need it. The evolution of health information from aggregate data reporting to individual-level data is becoming the new norm. Implementing eRegistries is, however, a far more fundamental leap than merely changing reporting routines and technology - it changes how health systems work. Based on point-of-care registration, data points drive decision support and workflows along and across the continuum of care, while indicators are derived and presented to supervisors and managers.

  • Developed in a participatory manner with care providers in free and open source software (FOSS), eRegistries can be used on any technology platform, from ubiquitous mobile phones through tablets to personal computers.

  • Easy access to medical records across the entire spectrum of care and across all levels of health care facilities. eRegistries also provides clinical guidline support to improve decision making and data capture at the point of care to reduce duplicate reporting.

  • Automated processing and analysis leading to consistent, timely receipt of reports. Automation also improves data quality and integrity - making health indicators actionable and standardized.

  • Allows clients to receive appointment reminders, personalized health messages and the confidence that their medical history is accessible by appropriate health care providers, as needed.

The multidisciplinary eRegistries team includes experts in maternal and child health research, implementation, technology, medicine and public health.

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