August 8, 2016

Learning Packages

The eRegistries approach offers an electronic tool that collects, manages and utilizes health information that supports data-driven decision making on clinical, programmatic, and policy levels. The eRegistries Initiative is dedicated to sharing the eRegistry model and tools in the public sphere. As part of this commitment, the eRegistry learning packages provide direction and guidance on how to establish, manage, and maintain an eRegistry.

The learning packages constitute of repository of generic content, principles, and processes that supports the establishment of an eRegistry. The suite of eight learning packages (detailed in the linked images below) offers an overarching blueprint for the design, development, and deployment of an eRegistry. Depending on the specified needs and goals, learning packages can be used in sequence or individually. The learning packages are designed to be customized and adapted to each country context.



Each learning package is comprised of four components, namely, 1) core principles, 2) step by step guide, 3) resources, and 4) field notes.  This organizational structure presents information using different formats in order to provide a holistic perspective on the processes involved in building an eRegistry.  The following chart details each component.



We encourage interested parties to contact the eRegistries team at for additional information or support.